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Malaysian Royal Recipes Stirs it Up!

Learn the Secrets of Malaysian Royal Cuisine, History, Culture and Lifestyles....and


Discover Insider secrets of Malaysian Royalty and Malaysian Personalities.........





FROM : Datin Paulene

Dear Kitchen and Lifestyle Goddesses 

After reading all the "Ktichen Goddess" cookbooks and recipes you could get your hands on and having collected every cooking method and procedure down the years, don't you think its time for you to be the kitchen goddess.  Let Malaysia Royal recipes show you how

How do they do it, look so good, so calm cool and collect with great personalities and fantastic lifestyles. Your just dying to know how they are so confident, look great and still have time to cook 

You admire these ktichen goddesses and watch their every move and want to know more about them even if it means taking a peek into their life behind the scenes.

Maybe its been a while since you tried out a new recipe and you wish you could get your hands on something unique and exotic that also connects you with something special, something unique perhaps something Malaysian. Malaysian Royal recipes brings you into the unique world of Malaysian Royalty and  personalitiesgiving you a look into their unique oriental lifestyles.

Possibly you are an authority on every kitchen goddess that ever existed and now  you are ready for something different.  Malaysian Royal recipes is going to give you a completely new experience that's uniquely cultural and and at the same time gives you a look into the historical and civilising lifestyles of uniquely different kitchen goddesses. With both the vivacious and gracious qualities of the Malaysian Royal social butterflies.

Not only is Malaysian Royal recipes going to give you Malaysian Royal connections but  it is also going to connect you with the cultural and historical indigenous Malaysian tribal people that benefit from the charitable efforts of Malaysia's Royal and top personalities 

For starters Malaysian royal recipes are FREE and are taken from every corner of Malaysia together with a chance to acquire the unique utencils used to cook them.  An indepth look into the Malaysian Royal personality and the Royal lifestyle behind the Royal cuisine..... and the secrets that come with them is also available

 When you experience the lifestyles of these distinctive and exclusive Malaysian Royals and Malaysian personalities you'll instantly connect with their Malaysian Royal recipes. These gracious Malaysian Royal personalities will talk about and reveal their savvy innovative ways in the gracious traditions of Malaysian Royal culture, lifestyle and culinary delights.

You will also experience the connections these personalities make with their Malaysian indigenous people and how Malaysian personalities have shown these tribal people how to offer their unique arts and crafts to the world to enhance the lives of their children and their families.

So ...Whether You’re Looking for Unique Cuisine or the Distintive Malaysian cultural Lifestyles behind the Cuisine.... Malaysian Royal Recipes has it all

A new cultural experience awaits you with the fascinating Malaysian culture, multicultural cuisine and divergent lifestyles of the rich and famous to their hugh charitable connections with their indigenious people, the Dayaks, the Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu and orang asli

The  Malaysian kitchen goddess can get her hands on lots of unique Malaysian cuisines from Royal to indigenous. The utencils  used to prepare these varied dishes arfe also unique and are available to use with the FREE from Malaysian Royal Recipes. 

When I thought about this new approach to cooking which will stir up  the cultural kitchen goddess in you and bring back the enthusiasm and pizzazz to try a new cooking experience it suddenly dawned on me.........

I have all the Insider Secrets of Malaysian Royal Cuisine, Culture, History and Insider Facts about the Royal Lifestyles So why not share it with the world

I have spent 33 years of my life married to, related to and working along side Royalty and personalities from Malaysian Royalty and have blended the unique Malaysian cultural lifestyle into my own. This combined with the Malaysian cuisine, its culture and historical perspective accessed  through these Royal connections I am in a unique Royal Insider position

Now I feel the time is right to bring you the secrets of Malaysian Royalty, their cuisine, and how their lifestyles have made them successful at what they do best, charity and hopsitality. I want to indulge your senses in the secrets of the Malaysian Royal cuisine, culture and lifestyles of Malaysian Royals and personalities.

This is my very gracious Mother-in-law Y.M Tunku Puan sri Azizah (Tunku is the royal title in Malaysia) she’s now 91 

She taught me everything I know about Malaysian Royal cuisine and the endearing culture, history and lifestyle of the Malaysian Royal family I have come to love.

You are going to love them too because not only are you going to be intrigued and fascinated by the personalities Malaysian Royal Recipes reveals to you, but you are going to witness the special caring approach these Malaysians have for the less fortunate among them and how you may take a look into their compasinate ways and find a new way to look at the world.     

Malaysian Royal recipes will bring you a unique cultural experience which will  connect you with the last remaining indigenous people of Malaysia together with all the handmade cultural items and the cottage industries they are involved in and  produce themselves in order to sustain and progress their families.

Malaysian Royal recipes is bringing for your eyes only the most beautifully crafted pieces of cultural art from the most remote Malaysian indigenous tribes in Malaysia. These Malaysian tribes are the last remaining traces of Malaysia's original people and Malaysian Royal recipes are helping them show their crafts to the world.   

I am Going to Share with you How Malaysian Personalities 

Give Back to  needy  Malaysians 


Malaysian Royal recipes and their management team are involved in many charitable events and continue to help the indigenous people and others by organising fundraising events to promote their varied cottage industries.

In July 2007  the Irish community organised an evening  charitable event to raise funds  to provide a small group of indigenious people with a comminity hall where their people could gather and produce cultural items for outside people to purchase in order to provide an  educate to their chidren and provide better health care facilities for their indigenous community. 

You will be able to download  FREE Malaysian recipes together with the many cultural items made by the indigenous people of Malaysia.  Malaysian Royal recipes works together with many charitiable organisations to provide a more caring  invironment for the more disadvantaged Malaysians.

Many of the recipes from Malaysian Royal recipes come with unique kitchen utensils that Malaysians actually use everyday in their kitchen but which you will find so uniquely different. Malaysian specially blended herbs and spices are found in  every Malaysian household and are uniquely blended by different families.

Some Assurances Included With  The Malaysian 

Royal Recipe Site

It doesn’t matter if you have never cooked in your life, the Malaysian Royals also have their days off, but even so they try, taste, and test their Royal recipes at their Royal dinner parties, afternoon high teas and many other Royal functions.

these pretigious Malaysian Royal recipes and the Royal personalities behind them are worth there weight in gold and so simple and easy to prepare.

If you use all the tips given by the Malaysian Royal personalities and just follow the simple instructions in no time at all you will have an instant following of loyal subjects asking for more!

You’re going to save time and money because of the added value of the insights and secrets the Malaysian Royal personalties contribute. All this together with unique kitchen utensils make it worth every cent.

These unique Malaysian Royal recipes together with the herbs, spices and utensils can be a source of income for you especially once your family and friends savour and enjoy the wonderful tastes and aromas of Royal Malaysian recipes.

You will be the envy of your friends when you show them the exclusive Malaysian Royal recipes along with the never before revealed Royal personalities and their fascinating lifestyle within the Malasyian Royal recipe ebook....*

You will also be shown how to serve and treat your family and friends like Malaysian Royalty. You will learn everything I know about Malaysian Royal cooking and more…

These Royal Malaysian recipes are from the oldest Royal Household in Malaysian, Negri Sembilan (Nine states in one) and I will reveal them all, nothing will be held back. You have my promise.

From the moment you make this Malaysian Royal connection and serve this royal cuisine to your guests and family you will be instantly admired, loved, envied and sought after for your Malaysian Royal cooking taste and talent.

These Royal Malaysian secret recipes will have your family and friends absolutely spellbound with tantalizing exotic tastes and intriguing stories of Malaysian Royalty.

Imagine at last you will have a real gastronomic Malaysian Royal connection.

Join Me and Profit… and Instantly get

Connected to Royal Recipes

And so I thought if a simple Cinderella girl from Ireland can learn how to cook and treat her husband, family and friends just like Royalty then so can you. I will tell you all the secrets I know about Malasyian royal cooking, culture, dinning and entertainment and you can treat your family and friends just like Malaysian Royalty.

So come along, let me show you how you can have your family and friends experience a touch of Malaysian royalty. Get royally connected and have an exotic adventure on this right Royal Malaysian journey exploring the exotic secrets of Malaysian Royal recipes. I promise you, there is a lot more to learn than just secret Malaysian royal recipes…

Some of the Benefits You’ll Receive with this

Malaysian Royal Recipe Ebook

Secret Malaysian Royal Recipes and their ancient Malaysian Royal history will give you a unique learning experience and credibility together with unique Royal culinary skills.

The recipes come with unique Cooking utensils which means added value for your dollar.

You’ll be able to use secret Herbs and spices in a unique way, thanks to generations of Malasyian Royals recording them down and using them in their Royal recipes.

We have Recipes printed on special parchment paper with the State Emblem Embossed showing authenticity and sealed with a special Malaysian Royal seal.

You can hold a themed Royal Malaysian dinner party, create the Malaysian Royal mood with wonderful Royal Malaysian tableware, silk sarongs, local cultural artifacts, unique serving utensils, crockery and cutlery.

Fasinating Malasyian DVD’s and CD’s are available for your viewing, showing Royal Malaysian food preparation, Royal malaysian ceremonies, Malaysian Royal Palaces and Malaysia in glorious living colour, and visuals on all types of Malaysian plants herbs, spices and ingredients used in Malaysian Royal cooking.

As Well As

Make real Malaysian Royal connections through Secret Royal recipes and more.

Admiration for your cooking talent from family and friends.

Organising Malaysian Royal dinner parties for family and friends.

Learn Unique Easy to use Secret Malaysian Royal Recipes.

Quality recipe products that are distributed worldwide.

Save time and lots of money when you receive these all-in-one recipes.

Amazing unique kitchen utensils.

Discover a new way to use everyday herbs and spices.

A chance to embark on an Asian Culinary Career.

So how much is all this information worth?

How much is this Malaysian Royal recipe connection worth to you?

If you could save time and money and have winning, unique exotic Malaysian Royal recipes for your family and friends. Isn’t this worth it?

What if you could sell these unique Malaysian Royal recipe products?

Perhaps you’re like me, tried out every recipe offer there is, spent $100's of dollars in various cooking books and still haven’t put them to use.

So how much would you expect to pay to learn all the secrets of authentic Malaysian Royal recipes from a “Royal insider” and more….$60, $75, even $110 dollars an hour??

This unique and fascinating Malaysian Royal Recipe Ebook would normally go for $49 That’s right! Now you’ll get even more with these Malaysian “Royal insider” secrets for only $27.

Here’s your chance to learn the well-kept secret recipes of Malaysian Royalty first hand from a Royal insider ….together with secret stories and pictures of Malaysian Royal lives from this unique Malaysian Royal Recipe ebook.

Yes, I want to get Royally Connected

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Not only do I want you to have a complete Malaysian Royal recipe Ebook, I
want to give you everything you need to get you Royally connected.

So if you order today, I’m going to give you these additional bonuses for FREE.

Bonus # 1 Malaysian Royal Palaces Revealed

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Once you’ve indulged and enjoyed all your Royal recipes what better way to relax than curling up with a book on the Royal Palaces where the Royal cuisine originated from. This free eBook is absolutely full of pictures of Malaysian Royal palaces you can’t find anywhere else.

Bonus # 2 Birth Place and Lineage, Martriacral System of Negri Sembilan Royalty

(Valued at $29 dollars)

Learning about Royal recipes is easy but knowing the history of the Royal family behind the recipes is a great way to further excite you and your friends palates. This free eBook contains fascinating Malaysian Royal historical information not many people know. Also included is information on the lineage and birth place of this unique Malaysian Matriarchal Royal family. It makes sense to get informed about this unique Malaysian Royal dynasty.

Bonus # 3 Etiquette, Mannerisms and Ascendancy of the Negri Sembilan Royal Family

(Valued at $19 dollars)

This free guide shows how Malaysian Royal protocols are performed in different settings in and outside the Palace. It will also illustrate the fascinating Malaysian Royal Etquette and their unique Royal Mannerisms. This guide alone will help you appreciate the names and importance of Malaysian Royal titles and their meanings as well as the ascendancy structure of the Negri Sembilan Royal throne.

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You'll get instant access to our secure download site, so that you can start using all of these resources.
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And because I want to prove to you that I’m serious about wanting to help you to cook the best Malaysian Royal recipes, I’m going to make it so easy for you with the following guarantee.

100%, No Hassles, No Questions Asked, 1-Year Guarantee!

Take one full year to examine and use these Royal recipes and ingredients. That’s right. You have 365 days to put this valuable Royal resource to work for you. You can personally test every Royal recipe technique illustrated over the next year. You can test each Royal recipe yourself. Once you’ve experienced first hand how this resource can help you cook the best Royal cuisine, I’m confident you’ll NEVER want to send it back!
But, if you aren’t satisfied, for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you won’t be out one gold cent. Just send me an email and I’ll refund your entire payment. Right up to the final day of this 365-day guarantee!
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Elly Nora
Royal Insider


P.S. This resource contains secret Malaysian Royal recipes all in one ebook.

P.P.S. You won’t run out of ideas for unique recipes anymore once you get your hands on this exotic Malaysian Royal Cuisine ebook. With these tried, tested and proven Royal recipes, I guarantee Malaysian Royal cuisine will get you instantly connected to Malaysian Royalty!